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The Second national conference of ABEA has been held in Pazardjik on 30.11 - 1.12.2006. The subject was "Project funding and tools for sustainable energy communities".
Representatives from the Ministry of Economy and Energy, the Ministry of Development and Public Works, the Agency for Energy Efficiency, energy agencies, private funding institutions, companies in the area of energy efficiency and RES, as well as representatives from 40 Bulgarian municipalities took part in the event.
The following reports have been presented during the conference:
  • Author: Mr. Sachkov, Ministry of Economy and Energy
    Report title: "International Fund Kozlodui"
  • Fund "Energy Efficiency"
    Report title: "Energy Efficiency Funding"
  • Author: Mr. Chureshki, A&G INVEST
    Report title: "Dual-component systems from poliuretan foam for insulation"
  • Energy Efficiency Centre "En Effect"
    Report title: "Funding of projects for energy efficiency"
  • Author: Mr. Valkov and Mr. Doytchinov, Regional Energy Agency of Pazardjik
    Report title: " Integrated actions at the implementation of EE and RES projects "
  • Author: Mr. Kolev, Agency for Energy Efficiency to the Ministry of Economy and Energy
    Report title: "Practical result from auditing, certification and control for energy efficiency"
  • Author: Mrs. Stancheva, Municipal Energy Agency of Rousse
    Report title: "New concept for sustainable development of pilot communities"
  • Author: Doctor Plamen Tzvetanov, Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
    Report title: "Sustainable energy development and energy policy of Bulgaria"
  • Author: Mr. Vanghelov, Erato holding
    Report title: "Utilization of biomass for production of heating energy, equipments, and best practices"
  • Sofia Energy Centre
    Report title: "Stimulation the use of biomass for heating purposes"
  • Author:Mrs. Nakov, Municipal network for energy efficiency "Eco Energy"
    Report title: "Development of municipal programs for energy efficiency"
  • Author: Mrs. Adjarova, Energy Agency of Plovdiv
    Report title: "Sustainable Energy Communities"
    Report title: "Providing a municipal and company funding through bonds issuing"
  • Author: Senior research associate Ivan Shishkov, Sofia energy agency "SOFENA"
    Report title: "Local forums for intelligent energy and tools for sustainable development"
  • Author: Mrs. Zaharlieva, Municipality of Karlovo
    Report title: "Pilot activities in sustainable energy community Karlovo"
  • Author: Mr. Georgi Stoev, Ministry of Development and Public Works
    Report title: Working program "Regional development"

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