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International Transport and Energy Reduction ACTION or INTERACTION is being carried out under the IEE Program of the EC.

The main objectives of the action are:
  • To promote the reduction of energy use in freight transport via industry associations;
  • To identify best practice approaches in different countries and exchange information among the different participating countries;
  • To realise a sustainable focus on energy reduction in freight transportation on the EU level also after finalisation of the proposed action through the creation of a strong network of stakeholders in this field throughout the EU and different industries;
  • Experimenting with and Developing a framework on exploring cross-border and cross supply-chain opportunities for reducing energy use in freight transport.
Expected results:
The expected results are amongst others:
  • Identification and realization of a direct potential of 110.000 PJ or 26.000 Mton of CO2 reduction on a yearly basis (so during the project 220.000 PJ / 52.000 Mton)
  • Dissemination of results, tools and best practices - ready to use - to energy agencies and sectors of industry throughout the EU
  • A strong structure for maintaining the sectoral approach also after the INTERACT project duration
Co-ordinator: Buck Consultants International (BCI), The Netherlands.
  • Buck Consultants International (BCI), The Netherlands;
  • Senter Novem, The Netherlands;
  • EVO, The Netherlands;
  • Centre for Renewable Energy Sources (CRES), Greece;
  • TRADEMCO, Greece;
  • Motiva, Finland;
  • WSP LT Consultants Ltd, Finland;
  • CONTE, The Czech Republic;
  • Baltic Energy Forum e.V, Germany;
  • Association of the Bulgarian Energy Agencies (ABEA), Bulgaria*;
  • The Berlin Energy Agency, Germany.
Three Bulgarian energy agencies will take part on behalf of ABEA:
  • Sofia Energy Agency, SOFENA;
  • Energy Agency of Plovdiv, EAP;
  • Regional Energy Agency of Pazardjik, REAP.


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