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General Information
Project will reinforce the work of national associations of energy agencies. Small or far located agencies are not always able to access to useful information from EU or to valuable knowledge of successful agency management issues from others.
Associations are useful tools to enhance communication between agencies, making them profit of the benefits of working together. The project works in the exchange of experience and synergy within the associations, specially to facilitate the agencies (through their associations) the knowledge of the best financing issues to make them economically-sustainable.
Each association will establish a national secretariat in their country. This will act as national co-coordinator of the project in the country, and as a contact for the rest of associations. The secretariat will gather the information and work developed in the country and spread the information, results, and products of the project to all their agencies.
The project will disseminate the results of this exchange of knowledge by a publication (best financing practices for agencies), e-newsletters, national & international workshops, and information services.
  • To reinforce the role of the National Associations of energy agencies or to establish the basis to create such associations in those countries where they do not exist.
  • To improve the work of the National Associations thanks to exchange of information, good practices, common projects, etc., within the associations.
  • To put closer and accessible to public and energy actors all the available information on energy management produced by the National Associations.
  • To increase the cooperation among National Associations over Europe, and in particular enhance the co-operation between the current EU members and the accession countries.
  • To get maximum benefit of the work of each National Associations and of the cooperation among them, providing a guide of best financing practices that includes analysis and assessment of the mechanisms that the European National Associations can use to be self sustainable.
  • To reinforce communication between the EU and the National Associations.
Work packages
The project work plan is structure in 4 work packages, in each of them there will be coordination and following up tasks in order to better achieve the specific objectives of the package.
  • WP1. Co-ordination and project management:
This Work Package aims at establishing the co-ordination guidelines for the project.
  • WP2. Establishing a national secretariat:
The secretary of each association works for the agencies, having a close contact with them, traveling to their headquarters, participating in activities they might hold, facilitating them information, collecting their opinions and being an advisory figure in the management of agencies.
  • WP3. Collection and Publication on best financing practices:
In each country, each energy agency belonging to the association/network will report to its national secretariat a hard analyze of its internal financial procedures, examples of successful financial mechanisms that they have followed and any other useful information to be shared with other agencies.
  • WP4. Dissemination (common & specific):
Task 1: national conferences-meetings and a final international conference meeting.
Task 2: Business Plan each association will develop a Business Plan adapted to their own reality studying at least the following aspects: financing of the association (quota system, subsidies from governments etc.), annual action plan, strategic plan (position of the association as regards national and EU policies), training courses, dissemination activities, common projects, services to the members.
Task 3: Dissemination within the energy agencies: widespread of the services rendered to the agencies
Task 4: Project web site: http://www.eneragen.org/finance/
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