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Supporting public authorities in EU Member States with the implementation of energy efficiency policies- PUBLENEF.

PUBLENEF aims to assist European Union Member States in implementing effective and efficient sustainable energy policies (with the focus on energy efficiency) and empower them to make use of the best practices and policy processes implemented in other Member States at the national, regional and/or local level. Specific objectives of PUBLENEF include to assess and learn from existing energy efficiency policy implementation practices in EU countries, regions, and cities; to strengthen the networking opportunities for relevant public agencies; and to develop and adjust tools for public agencies to help them to implement energy efficiency policies.


ENSPOL is an EU-funded project targeting the effective and proper implementation of Article 7 of the Energy Efficiency Directive in all Member States and beyond. Major objective of ENSPOL is the establishment, revision and implementation of robust Energy Efficiency Obligation Schemes or alternative policy measures to each Member State. At the same time the project envisages the provision of appropriately refined information and supportive strategic tools to all targeted stakeholders. The project is coordinated by the research organization Joint Implementation Network.

For more information, please visit the project website: http://enspol.eu/

The RES Champions league

The RES Champions league will create both a network of municipalities who will cooperate and share their views and solutions for the development of RES (Renewable energy sources), considering the network will include both front-runners and followers, and a positive and emulative competition between municipalities encouraging them to invest in RES. The RES champions league will focus mainly on the solar and efficient wood sectors,while being open to integrate new renewable sectors.


The INTERACTION project is set up and carried out by a group of energy agencies and specialized consultancies that are actively involved in projects and programmes   concerning energy use reduction in freight transport.


Project will reinforce the work of national associations of energy agencies. Small or far located agencies are not always able to access to useful information from EU or to valuable knowledge of successful agency management issues from others.

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e-Atomium aims to increase the knowledge and competencies of energy agencies, advice centers and local authority energy professionals in the important field of sustainable energy use in transport.

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